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Discover Unique Sweet Sixteen Party Ideas


Sweet Sixteen Birthday Party Ideas
By Xochi Blymyer

Where do I Start? Begin by sitting down with your daughter and asking her if she has thoughts on how she would like to celebrate her sweet sixteen birthday party. These answers will be the key to planning your party. You will refer back to this list again and again as you prepare each stage of the sweet sixteen birthday party.

What are her interests right now? Are there specific dreams she has that can be brought to reality a bit within her party? Would she like to have a girl's day or have a coed celebration?

Does she want a lot of people or an intimate best friends kind of a gathering? Would she like Casual or more formal? What kind of food does she like to eat, is she adventurous or basic with her food?

There is a lot of information you need to gather as part of your research to plan the perfect sweet sixteen party. All of this prep will help in the ultimate organization of the party too. As many loose ends as you can find out how to tie, you'll be better able to plan calmly and with the knowledge you need to not have any surprise last minute changes. Now that you have some details about what your daughter is thinking you can decide on a theme and a place to begin.

If you had thought about a surprise party, think'd like this party to be your daughter's dream and you do need her input to really hear what she'd like her celebration to be.

My name is Xochi and I love to plan parties! I've had a career in the movie business as an assistant director. My job is gathering a large group of people and organizing them no matter where or when or what type of filming. Through this experience and my love for hosting parties, I have gained the knowledge of how to put together a unique party, from creating the idea of the party through the steps of giving the party. It can be quite an adventure but does not need to be stressful!

Xochi Blymyer - EzineArticles Expert Author


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All the best to you and your family.  I would love to hear all about your daughter’s sweet sixteen party!  What fun!

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