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Discover Unique Sweet Sixteen Party Ideas


Sweet 16 Party Ideas

by Xochi Blymyer

When I was planning my 40th Birthday party (yes, I planned my own, what better way to have the party of your dreams?), I had a thought. If you host a party, often times you have no time to socialize with your guests for more than a minute or two because of the ongoing party prepping. Here's what I did. I have a friend who is a photographer, it's his hobby. I dressed in the same outfit I had planned on wearing the day of the party.

The photographer took pictures of me and we picked one to enlarge into a lifesize photo of me from just above my waist. He mounted the picture on cardboard, hard stock paper and cut out my image. We had two of these. When the time came for the party, I put one of me (cardboard picture) on a dress manikin I had in the garage and one of me on a stick so it could be held. I, of course, was dressed just the same as in the cutout pictures, hair, clothes, everything.

Throughout the party, it was really hilarious...I have so many great pictures of my friends and family with me (?) and my two other me's! Some look so good you actually don't know if it's the real me or the copy. I even have a picture with my friends who are identical twins and the real me and a cutout. Very funny picture. Yes, a simple idea like this can make you the host of the party everywhere and great memories through pictures afterwards. The guests had a great time taking pictures, silly and serious, and I was with all of them for more time that usual.

That's just one idea that turned out to be a hit. Have fun with your sweet 16 parties, that's what they are for anyway, right?

My name is Xochi and I love to plan parties! I've had a career in the movie business as an assistant director. My job is gathering a large group of people and organizing them no matter where or when or what type of filming. Through this experience and my love for hosting parties, I have gained the knowledge of how to put together a unique party, from creating the idea of the party through the steps of giving the party. It can be quite an adventure but does not need to be stressful! 


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