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“Xochi has the ability to turn a regular party into an event to remember forever.”
Lansing, MI

“I have never seen anything like the events that Xochi has given, the most unique party ideas I’ve ever seen.” 

Dallas, TX

About Me

Hello!    Xochi

I was born in Los Angeles, California but traveled around the world with my parents throughout my childhood.  Both my mom and dad were in the movie business and they always wanted the family to stay together even if they had to go on location.  No matter where we were, there was always time for a celebration, whether it was one of our birthdays, a holiday or any special occasion.  

Back in 1978 my parents decided to move to New Hampshire.   I finished high school there and then off to college at UNH.  I had always loved show biz so eventually returned to California to pursue my career in the movies.

I have been in the movie business myself for almost 20 years.  I have been working as an Assistant Director, working on many movies and television shows.  My job is to organize a group of over 100 people in many different situations.  It could be a new location every day, night work, day work, big crowds, difficult locations.  You name it, I've seen it and helped organize it. I am a big believer in recognizing hard work, special occasions and milestones.  

In my work, I often travel as my parents did so staying connected with friends and family is my goal when I am home.   I began giving parties long ago to keep that connection.  I love having a group of my favorite people together.   I continue to have parties and help others organize their dream parties.   Knowing how the end result is
always fond memories, it is well worth the effort put forth.

Seeing a plan come together, like making a movie, is an exciting thing!

Let me help you organize your party, I'd love to pass on the experience and make it a great day for you and your family.

You'll have your Ultimate Sweet Sixteen Birthday Party Guide at your finger tips: